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“Having a direct link to experienced business owners is genuinely making some of my decisions easier and clearer.”

About TAB

Tab Miami Valley’s Advisory Board Meetings put the power of collective wisdom, accountability, drive, creativity, and clarity of advice in your hands to align your business vision with your personal vision. Our average board of 8 has well over 250 years of combined business experience and are made up of owners’ right here in Southwestern Ohio. You meet monthly to share business expertise, solve challenges and help each other seize new opportunities. You will create an actionable strategic plan and be held accountable to achieving your goals – all under the guidance of a trained facilitator. If you are challenged by where you are in your business currently, perhaps we should talk.

What We Do?

Private business owners are a lonely lot. Generally they have no go-to source to gain insight and feedback as they sort thru the numerous challenges they face. The Alternative Board (TAB) offers a consistent process that allows a business owner to with other non-competitive business owners in a confidential environment. The owners immerse themselves in one another’s challenges and offer decision making support based on the combined experience of the group. The upshot is a focused approach to drive business and personal success.

How can a TAB board help your business?

How can a TAB board help you?

A key challenge that virtually all business owners are faced with is “They don’t have any one to talk to about their business”.  The owners we work with have gotten to a given level of sales and profitability but lay awake at night trying to figure out what to do differently to get to the “next level”.  In short, the members of TAB Miami Valley boards all bring unique experiences to their groups.  Each member contributes but also gains insight.  Each meeting you work with the same owners so you have consistency of thought and they have thorough understanding of your past.  Processes including independent, non-biased facilitation are in place to keep you focused on the issue at hand.  And you come out of each meeting with a commitment to the other members for some type of action.    

“If you are looking for a way to truly change the trajectory of your business, join a TAB group.  If you are looking for a friend, buy a dog.”  

– Kevin Findlay, Owner, Space Management
– TAB Miami Valley member since 2015.

What TAB membership includes?

The Board

Business Coaching

Business Builders Blueprint

Business Builder’s Blueprint

Member success story

I knew that I was entering a leadership role, but I don’t know if I realized what all that entailed. When it became something that was no longer a job, but something that became an actual entrepreneurial / business owner role… That has been the primary benefit of the TAB group.
Mike Rake

TAB Member

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About Bob

Bob Hothem is president and owner of TAB Miami Valley. TAB Miami Valley focuses on improving diverse businesses and their owners’ lives by creating advisory boards of noncompeting independent business owners. Bob acts as facilitator and coach with these businesses and works with them to drive measurable change in a number of areas.

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