Staying on Offense

Earlier in the week, one of my business owner peer boards was having their monthly meeting.  One of the owners presented as his challenge the increasing problem of getting things done.  Others commented on his challenge then the accountant on the board said ” I used to have that problem but now I stay on offense.”   He used to get boggled down with the constant line of people and problems that greeted him each day.  Then one day he said ” Enough is enough”.  He is now quick to delegate the major issues like from who they should buy paper towels or printer ink.  And if he has to be involved he gets the facts quickly and makes the decision.  He found he was placing almost as much emphasis on these types of decisions as those that involved the upgrade of their business software.  Oh and he only checks email a couple times a day….in fact he took the feed off his phone.   He has found if folks really need to contact him they call or text.  He now finds he is getting more done…………on the priorities that count.

So are you staying on offense? Or are allowing others to define your day thus putting you in a defensive posture ?

At this point in time I could list off 13 things to do to stay on offense.  But I do not see the need.  You know if you have been on offense.  If the answer is no, then you already know what things are boggling you down……so be proactive about getting beyond that.  Oh and don’t waste time talking to others on a continuing basis about not getting things done because the very action takes up time that you could use to do the important things.  Let me leave you with a simple formula to guide your actions daily. Do your actions focus on:

  • Increased revenue
  • Stabilized or reduced costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and stickiness
  • Increased employee satisfaction and stickiness

If your actions do not consistently fall in one of these categories, then why are you doing it?

So spend more time gaining yards by staying on offense!