When the going gets tough, business owners resort to going it alone.

Possibly it is human nature, but I see on a fairly regular basis when things get tough, business owners withdraw. They think that since they got into this mess, it is solely their responsibility to get themselves out of it. HELLO!!

Maybe they are ashamed or embarrassed. Possibly they feel they are the only owner that may have the problem…..it is unique to them. Unfortunately, the very skills or insight that an owner lacked that got them into the situation are the same skills that are needed to get out of the situation.  Working harder seldom is the solution.

If you are such a business owner, get over your fear, your pride or your embarrassment and seek help.  Consider outside guidance.  One form that can be especially effective is participating in a regularly scheduled peer group of other business owners.  This technique can be especially effective since seldom are items brought to the group that at least one or more owners have had experience with. You learn from their experience which helps avoid making the same, often costly, mistakes and leads you to a successful path to a solution more effectively.  Plus you surround yourself with individuals who have your success in mind……in a confidential and safe environment.  They get to know your business almost as well as you.

Set fear or pride aside:stop going it alone and make the trip with others.  You will be glad you did.

Bob Hothem

T.A.B. Miami Valley