The Alternative Board (TAB) Miami Valley was formed to meet the unique needs of private business owners who have to slay all the “dragons” while taking on the responsibility of servicing their customers and providing a living for their employees.  These owners started the business because they had a special talent that would service the marketplace in some way.  Success however brings on numerous challenges that they did not expect and generally are not prepared for.

TAB Miami utilizes a blend of peer advisory boards made up of fellow business owners in non-competitive industries who meet to gain insight from each other on their individual challenges in a confidential and safe environment.  This approach is coupled with one to one coaching to ensure accountability and forward movement with the priorities that each owner is focused on.  Our meetings are not “networking groups”, but rather intensive sessions with the express purpose of helping fellow business owners deal with their challenges.  Members of these boards stay together for a long time and develop relationships that last a lifetime

As a facilitator and owner, my singular goal is to utilize my 30 plus years of business success in diverse industries to help guide and direct business owners down the road toward a successful and rewarding business experience.

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